Editor’s note: As the first workweek of the year 2020 comes, to continuously improve the competitiveness of SalvationDATA‘s products and services, forensic experts from SalvationDATA have been seriously exploring and researching every product, continuous innovation, and full commitment! New year, new start, the first new product of SalvationDATA in 2020: Big Data Visualization Analytics – iSee Cloud Platform is Officially Released!

Word Cloud "Big Data"

Who has the data, can take the initiative!
In the current era, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is in the ascendant. Big data and the new generation of information technology represented by 5G, the Internet, artificial intelligence, and blockchain are booming, which has brought a significant profound influence on economic development, social progress, and people’s lives. Big data has become an important strategy to reshape the country’s competitive advantage in the digital age and has become an important driving force for promoting high-quality economic development.

In the era of increasingly intelligent, concealed, and complicated criminal cases, criminal investigation and evidence collection should focus on data guidance. This is an inevitable choice and a general trend. Seizing the opportunity of the era of big data development and creating a new situation in the work is an era issue that law enforcement, trial, and discipline inspection and supervision agencies must resolve.

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SalvationDATA Big Data Visualization Analytics — iSee Cloud Platform
Big data has brought about fundamental changes in the way of life, work, and thinking, and it also has a profound impact on crime investigation and evidence collection. In the era of big data, the amount of data involved in forensics by public security, procuratorial, and disciplinary commissions has grown exponentially, and it has become increasingly difficult to obtain key clues. Realizing the comparison and collision of the full amount of data, to discover the potential value between the data by itself, can better serve the case investigation.


SalvationDATA combines years of digital forensics and technology precipitation and exploration practice in the field of big data informatization, and grandly launches a new big data visualization analytics platform — iSee Cloud Platform. It quickly opens up data fusion channels by quickly cleaning, storing, classifying, and using multi-dimensional visual analysis tools to break the Isolated data islands, maximize the potential value of data, and effectively improve the preliminary verification of problem clues. It clearly displays the digital forensic investigation results, finds key information points, and improves the efficiency of case-handling staff.

iSee Cloud Platform is a powerful, flexible and practical big data visualization analytics platform, which supports privatization and public cloud deployment. The platform fully integrates forensic investigation and case handling business scenarios, supports various types of data aggregation, deep mining of relationships, intuitive visual display, exploring valuable clues, and has a strong data security guarantee system. It can be customized for various industries such as public security, procuratorate, and disciplinary commission.

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Data Aggregation is mainly for the rapid aggregation of multi-dimensional data for electronic forensics data, internal and external data. It supports access through real-time interfaces, automatic file import, and active query. It also supports intelligent cleaning and storage of data formats such as BCP, XML, Excel, CSV.

Data Classification Protection aims at data classification and desensitization filtering during application to ensure data security. From the data-bearing environment to the application level of data acquisition, transmission, storage, and use to the business environment, it provides a comprehensive, full-process data security guarantee system.

Visual Analysis provides a variety of analysis tools such as portraits of people, portraits of mobile phones, bill analysis, bill analysis, collision analysis, etc., and analyzes them with visualization methods such as relationship diagrams, timing diagrams, location trajectories, word clouds, and time axes.


iSee – Core Advantages

1. Modularity
It uses multiple tools to define functions modularly, and provides a loosely coupled system construction mode, providing rich modular analysis tools and algorithm models. At the same time, it can flexibly and quickly customize development according to the actual business needs of users with shorter cycles and lower costs.


2. Intelligent Analysis
Combined with big data technology, a survey path methodology was constructed to realize automatic data matching and collision analysis, maximize potential clues, and provide users with simple survey support.


3. Visualization
Combined with advanced WEB technology and the use of multi-dimensional visual analysis tools, the survey results are clearly displayed, which is convenient for users to quickly understand the clue information and discover the actual value of the evidence.


4. Dynamic 3D Large Screen
The large visual screen can be customized for development, supporting 3D cool modeling effects, city panoramic maps, street stereoscopic effects display, and key data visualization special identification. iSee provides a variety of data interaction scenarios. It flexibly conducts three-dimensional perspective observation, switching, dragging, zooming and other interaction methods to shorten the cost of situational awareness and improve decision-making efficiency.


Stay tuned with more news of iSee, and welcome to contact info@salvationdata.com to talk with us if you have custom platform development needs!