Editor’s Note: 2019 was a big year across the big data landscape, the operationalization of big data became much more achievable across the board. We have seen an increasing number of organizations and companies on board with a singular data vision to move from ad hoc analytics to full operationalization of enterprise-wide big data platforms and analytics at scale. That’s why SalvationDATA combines years of technology precipitation and exploration practice in the field of big data informatization, and grandly launches a new big data visualization analytics platform — iSee Cloud Platform. Let’s see how our solutions can help realize the applications of big data.

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1. Smart City Solution

According to the research report, for a city to be smart, it should use technology and data to deliver a better quality of life. What consists of quality of life? While this is a subjective matter, most city residents agree that a good quality of life should include improvement in the following areas: public safety, faster commutes, economic prosperity, and greener environment.


Smart cities are by definition, data-driven. Big data and analytics play an important role in city management, with many cities having now a chief data officer in the administration. The combination of big data analysis and smart city solutions help cities improve the management in critical segments such as energy, transportation, and infrastructure.


To transform a city infrastructure in “smart”, there are three layers of “smartness” as follows:

1. The tech base include networks of sensors and connected devices who gather data
2. The second layer consists of the deployment of smart applications that process the raw data, translating it into alerts, insight, and actions.
3. The third layer involves widely adopting the system by the residents.


2. Cyber Security Solution

Big data can store large amounts of data and help analysts examine, observe, and detect irregularities within a network. That makes big data analytics an appealing idea to help escape cybercrimes. The security-related information available from big data reduces the time required to detect and resolve an issue, allowing cyber analysts to predict and avoid the possibilities of intrusion and invasion.


Insights from big data analytics tools can be used to detect cybersecurity threats, including malware/ransomware attacks, compromised and weak devices, and malicious insider programs. This is where big data analytics looks most promising in improving cybersecurity.


More and more organizations and companies are using big data analytics to contend with the continuously evolving, sophisticated cyber threats rising from the increased volumes of data generated daily. The use of big data analytics and machine learning allows them to perform a thorough analysis of the information collected. In due course, the results of the analysis give hints of any potential threats. The tools used for big data analysis operate in real-time and produce security alerts as per their severity level. The alerts are further expanded with more forensic details for fast detection and mitigation of cyber breaches.

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3. Manufacturing Solution

How to optimize manufacturing processes? Now, to stay competitive, enterprises need both savvy and technology. And yes, big data can be one of the technologies to aid manufacturing organizations in their optimization initiatives! This is why companies now turn to big data consulting to formulate their big data adoption strategies. The key benefits of big data solutions will be production optimization, quality assurance, and enterprise management.

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As your big data solution evolves, you can get different levels of analytics results according to these stages of revealing big data insights in manufacturing:

1. At first, you can perform relatively simple big data analysis to make targeted changes in your manufacturing processes (to improve product quality, for instance).
2. Then, you can dig your data deeper to find ways to change your business processes. For example, you used to perform reactive maintenance and, with big data, you start preventive maintenance.
3. When the time comes, you can even transform your business model, finding a better way to do it through big data analysis.

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4. Water Resources Solution

Within the water sector, the benefits of big data and its field of data science applications are slowly being leveraged to create new value in information about elements of the business that manage existing assets for increased reliability, optimization, supply chains, and customer relationships. Some of the big data solutions being offered allow integration of sensing, communications, SCADA, modeling, visualization, and data science capabilities that have been developing over recent years. With the increase in pervasive computing devices, lower-cost sensors that collect and transmit data, new analytic tools, and cost-effective data storage options, utilities can now capture more data in real-time at a lower cost to improve water resources management performance.

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Our big data water resources management platform has been designed to provide effective tools that allow water system managers to solve complex water resources systems, water modeling issues and help in decision making. The Platform brings a variety of information technology tools including stochastic aspects, high-performance computing, simulation models, hydraulic and hydrological models, grid computing, decision tools, big data analysis system, communication, and diffusion system, database management, GIS and knowledge-based expert system. This platform can solve water resources problems that are featured by a huge volume of collected, analyzed and visualized data, to analyze the heterogeneity of data resulting from various sources including structured, unstructured and semi-structured data, also to prevent and/or avoid a catastrophic event related to floods and/or droughts, through hydraulic infrastructures designed for such purposes or strategic planning.

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