For past three weeks, SalvationDATA had training for 6 customers at SD new office. The customers are from Middle East, Africa, and Europe.
“It was a great training, all teachers performed very well and I learned many things after my 5 days stay here”, said John Kanyiri, who had several businesses including PC business in Kenya, wanted to expand his business to DR.


Mariam, who is from Cote d’Ivoire and had IT service business, is the only female in this training, she was impressed by the profession and knowledge the technicians have practiced a lot including firmware repair and HDD physical components change, she bought all the SalvationDATA tools with great confidence in expanding her business. The importance of the exhibition is to receive as more customers as possible. We answer to the questions from customers patiently, show how to operate our products particularly, record the customers’ reasonable suggestions and help every customer with fluent English and sincere attitude.Here we’d like to thank you, our cherished customers, for your long-term support toSalvationDATA, thank you. Please continue to support us.Readers, stay tuned for more as the Exhibition unfolds.


Adil and Ahmed joined this training for 2 weeks because they don’t think one week would be enough, they were sent by Oman government with the hope that new department is set up to have data recovery jobs. They were more focused on RAID recovery because RAID drives maintenance is their main jobs. They showed great interest in learning all the tools and accomplished training with satisfying results.

“Data Copy King is really fast, easy to use and practical, my son can use it”. Alexandre is from Angola and no one does data recovery in Angola at his moment. “ SalvationDATA tools provide good function at the reasonable price, I’ve also seen tools from other companies, but I found SalvationDATA tools are most cost-effective, practical and worthwhile.” Alex took all SD tools back home.


SalvationDATA has been committed to providing data recovery tools and training with great quality at reasonable price. As one leading data recovery solution provider, SalvationDATA training certification is recognized by the industry.
If you are interested in SalvationDATA training, please contact us:[email protected]