SalvationDATA presents digital forensics systems

On Oct 18th, SalvationDATA and delegates from Pakistan held the talk on development and cooperation of digital forensics. During the delegates’ visit in China, technical engineers from SalvationDATA were given the opportunity to present SalvationDATA’s 3 main systems on digital forensics, i.e. Data Recovery System (DRS), SmartPhone Data Recovery Forensics System (SPF) and Video Investigation Portable (VIP). And Video Investigation Portable grabbed much attention from Pakistani delegates.


Technical Engineer from SalvationDATA Answering Questions

During the presentation, technical engineers from SalvationDATA answered plenty of questions on VIP from the delegates, which showed that the delegates were very glad to be introduced to the system. Before the meeting ended, the delegates remarked that VIP is the kind of system that can help investigators acquire actionable video materials efficiently from CCTV DVRs. If investigators in Pakistan are equipped with the system, a lot of trouble could be saved on case cracking. “The system’s video extraction, ultra play, video analysis and imaging functions are really crucial for cracking a criminal case.“, said the delegates. And the delegates expressed great interest in future cooperation on digital forensics while leaving.