We all live in a world more interconnected than ever. Our data are actually not safe when we thought that we’ve done all we can to guard our valuable information. The internet of things enable us to share information efficiently, but it also makes us more vulnerable to online malicious acts. News like major companies like SONY, Ebay being hacked keep arising. And the same act has happened in America AGAIN in last few days.Several popular websites were targeted by hackers using common devices like webcams and DVRs. Though it is a relief to us all that the attack has been resolved according to Dyn.

How can we get the data back if hackers destroyed the valuable data or if a criminal wiped his tracks on webcam?

Well, SalvationDATA is always ready to help whenever such scenario occurs. Every bit of tracks of a criminal on webcam can be found with SalvationDAtA’s Video Investigation Portable(VIP).


Video Investigation Portable(VIP) is a forensically sound system for video acquisition, recovery, and analysis from CCTV DVRs of video surveillance system. VIP enables forensic investigators to acquire data directly and rapidly from CCTV DVRs, even lost, deleted, overwritten and fragmented video materials. It analyses and retrieves all moving objects in videos, and quickly capture key information for forensic experts. Furthermore, it supports data extraction from almost all DVRs manufactured in China and various DVRs produced abroad.

News link:https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/oct/22/cyber-attack-hackers-weaponised-everyday-devices-with-malware-to-mount-assault