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VIP(Video Investigation Portable) is a forensically sound system for video acquisition, recovery, and analysis from CCTV surveillance system during DVR forensics investigation. Through VIP, it helps clarify the visual evidence and restore the truth rapidly.

VIP can get access to the CCTV DVRs without a password. And there are four main features of VIP i.e video extraction and recovery, video play, video retrieval and analyze. With these features, VIP could help you quickly extract video clips from video surveillance system; automatically retrieve video evidence from abundant video clips; successfully get access to encrypted or destroyed CCTV DVRs.

Here are key features listed for quick reference:

1. It can extract and recover not only normal and deleted video clips, but also OVERWRITTEN and FRAGMENTED video materials;

2. In contrast to traditional ways of doing DVR forensics, SalvatinDATA VIP also enables investigators to extract and recover video clips via LAN;

3. To facilitate the investigation process, SalvationDATA VIP is also equipped with an ULTRA PLAYER and TRANSCODING functions which allow access to proprietary and other different video formats;

4. Time offset adjustment;

5. Simultaneous extraction from multiple DVR hard disks;

6. Video retrieval function to be added by user’s choice.