We’re very pleased to announce that V1.0.12.6920 of our DVR Forensics software: VIP is now available for update, which makes it another good news to savor just right after New Year. Now let’s take a look at the highlights of the most recent update.

1.Greatly enhanced video retrieval speed, max 600% of the last version

DVR forensics VIP

2.Enhanced transcoding speed, max 200% of last version max

DVR forensics VIP


3.Enhanced accuracy of video retrieval: objects which may be missed before can be retrieved using the latest version.

DVR forensics VIP

4.Support simultaneous scan of multiple partitions

5.Upgraded SDK for low-level scan

6.Shortened response time while adding clips in bulk for video retrieval or transcoding

7.Optimized resource list display, video being played is highlighted among all video clips listed on the right window

For more information on VIP, please click HERE: