With 15 years’ experience in the industry, SalvationDATA has developed a full range of hardware and software adding into its powerful platform. Especially in forensic workstation development and manufacture, Sichuan Masterpiece Technology LLC, a proud subsidiary of XLY Salvationdata Technology INC., was founded in 2013 to provide customized fantastic hardware and intelligent software of digital forensics and data recovery laboratory solutions, which are widely recognized as the next generation platform of forensic laboratory.

SalvationDATA Forensic workstationSalvationDATA Forensic workstationlab-77

Evidentiary data must be acquired in a forensically sound manner in order to ensure data integrity. Below are the steps from the original incident response through to reporting of findings where SalvationDATA solutions are applicable during the whole forensic process.

SalvationDATA Forensic workstation


With the ambition to provide intelligent software with fantastic hardware, SalvationDATA focuses on providing reliable and unique digital forensics laboratory solution in furniture design, proprietary workspace, acoustics and electricity control, as well as security.

SalvationDATA Forensic workstationSalvationDATA Forensic workstationSalvationDATA Forensic workstation