ATACould an iPhone guarantee the security of our personal data? We are likely to think that our data is well guarded with passwords and TOUCH-ID. Well, the truth is nothing is safe in hackers’ hands.

Here’s how your valuable data get stolen when your iPhone falls into a hacker’s hands.

  1. When your iPhone is obtained by a hacker, SIM card will be pulled out immediately and inserted into another iPhone. As most of us do not have the habit of setting PIN code for SIM card, our phone number can be acquired with ease.
  2. Most of iPhones are configured to receive notifications with message details while iPhone is locked. So if it happens that the owner of the lost iPhone is in a group chat, name and phone number will be displayed when a notification pops up. The hacker can then get the name of the owner just by sending a short message in the group.
  3. The next step? Obtain your Gmail address with your phone number and name.
  4. Now the hacker get enough personal information, the password of your Gmail can be easily changed. We all know how we can change our password by simply clicking “Forget Password”.
  5. For those who use Gmail as their Apple ID, it is very unfortunate that their Apple ID can be changed by simply repeating steps above.
  6. Now comes the most important part. Wipe everything on your iPhone remotely with Apple ID and new password.

Now that we know hackers can easily access our personal data with just a few steps, proper precautions must be taken to secure our valuable data. Here’re some methods that you can count on:

  1. Disable all notifications while iPhone is locked;
  2. Set PIN code for SIM card;
  3. Turn on dual-factor authentication for online service.

Living in a digitalized world requires us to handle our data more cautiously, data can be lost in a flash. And SalvationDATA is very proud that it is always there to help when that happens. With its expertise in digital forensics, it can even help you seize the one who steal your data with Smart Phone Forensics System(SPF).

SPF is a forensically sound system for acquiring, recovering, analyzing and triage data from mobile devices like Android phones, tablets and iPhone&iPad.  It allows investigators to examine and ascertain relevant information from devices easily and efficiently in the field, and helps them to collect critical forensic evidence even from huge backlogs of smartphones.

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