Shanxi SIKERUIDI Cyber Security Technology LLC was officially established on 23rd August 2017. It is holding by XLY Salvationdata Technology INC. (SalvationDATA), and 20 million RMB joint venture with Northwestern Polytechnical University (NWPU). The 1st shareholders’ general meeting was successfully held in Chengdu.

Forensic Lab Sikeruidi salvationDATA

SIKERUIDI is located in innovation building of NWPU, covers an area of 1200 square meters, has more than 100 employees. With the collaboration of SalvationDATA, SIKERUIDI also built cyber security technology R&D center, information security of industrial control systems laboratory, small satellite and UAV research center, etc. SIKERUIDI will be always dedicated to being the leading corporate of information security industry.

Forensic Lab SalvationDATAForensic Lab SalvationDATAForensic Lab SalvationDATAForensic Lab SalvationDATA