Shortly before SalvationDATA founder Kenneth Liang, was granted “Youth Entrepreneurship Rising Star Award” by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security! There are total 65 talented youth entrepreneurs from various industries standing out from hundreds of millions of young people in this award ceremony.


“This is a great honor to receive this award, and it is not only for me but for all SalvationDATA people and Sichuan youth. We will continue moving forward with this new start point and fulfilling social responsibility, under the encouragement of the Communist Youth League.” Said Mr. Liang.


Mr. Liang, as the founder of SalvationDATA, built a scientific research team with 3 core members for the development and research of data recovery in 2001. Through more than 10 years’ efforts, he has led the team to get 385 invention patents and 3 US patents.

SalvationDATA Founder Kenneth Liang