The latest update of SPF(Smartphone Forensic System) is released Now! The newest version optimizes decryption of WeChat database, gets in-depth information and allows you recovering more deleted data on WeChat.

And what’s more, SPF can support Samsung’s Tizen OS extraction and analysis, it gives you access to this type of devices now. Also now SPF supports 15 models more of Qualcomm chipset smartphones for physical extraction.

You can download the software from our resources page of the website and have a free trial now.

1. Optimizing decryption of Wechatmobile forensics SPF update

2. Optimizing breakpoint resume, interrupted imaging process can be memorized and continued

3. Optimizing bookmark exportmobile forensics SPF update

4. Fixing software crashing issue when creating Wechat backups

5. New filtering option in report export to select deleted data only

6. New plug-ins, adding support for more Appsmobile forensics SPF update3

7. New OS support, now able to extract and analyze devices with Samsung’s Tizen OSmobile forensics SPF update4

8. New 9008 supported models, 15 new models were added for Qualcomm image extractionmobile forensics SPF update5

9. Fixing Bugs