SalvationDATA have always focused on technology research and innovation over 17 years,  because we know continuing the commitment to innovation is the only way to respect and beyond the technology.  The past year has been successful and, looking ahead, we expect to do even better in 2018.  January 26th,  we organized the first SalvationDATA Tech Championship.

SalvationDATA Tech Championship

The opening speech was given over by SalvationDATA founder Kenneth Liang and General manager Nina You.

SalvationDATA Tech ChampionshipSalvationDATA Tech Championship

The competition topics fully covered mobile forensics,  computer forensics, and database recovery technology etc.  It consisted of individual competition and team competition. Individual competition mainly focused on theoretical knowledge of forensic data recovery and basic knowledge of digital forensics.

SalvationDATA Tech Championship

The team competition was examined with a real case and participant’s need to find evidentiary data from forensic image such as suspect’s locations,  phone call records,  illegal trading history,  escape plans, etc.  And how suspect stored evidence files on a server. To do so, participants with forensic data recovery,  RAID reconstruction,  reverse engineering and digital forensics skills were required.


There were five teams participated, some of them used  SmartPhone Forensic System(SPF) to get suspect’s contacts or locations first and some of them started to the reconstruct RAID by using  DRS (Data Recovery System). They need to get all evidentiary data and build a complete evidence chain within four hours and to generate the forensic report,  all participants also made a presentation and the judges asked questions and gave useful comments.

SalvationDATA Tech Championship

We hope that the first SalvationDATA Tech Championship will improve our technical experience of digital forensics and give us a clear direction to succeed!