Editor’s note:  For more than 18 years, SalvationDATA has always been dedicated to bringing better and better forensic solutions to the international DFIR community. And we sincerely hope that more and more people in the forensic field would recognize our products and find them helpful to solve their cases. And driven by that idea, we decided to completely re-design, re-develop our flagship mobile forensics tool SPF Pro, to make it even more powerful, more easy to use and help to face the difficult tasks of today’s mobile forensics issues. This re-born, new generation mobile forensics tool is called SPF Pro (SmartPhone Forensic System Professional).

If you missed our release webinar, you can watch the recording on our YouTube channel. And you can download the software and related documents from the resources page of our website for a free trial to learn more about the capability of SPF Pro.

SalvationDATA New Product SPF Pro Release

Key Features:


  • Intelligent operation: Automatically detect smartphone brand & model and recommend best extraction solutions.
  • Fast-track evidence: Intelligent analysis will automatically alert the user when sensitive data is detected.
  • Easy access to WhatsApp: WhatsApp backup extraction, decrypt WhatsApp backup encryption.



  • Chinese phones widely support: The best available support on the market for 99% Chinese smartphone brands and models.
  • Wide OS support: Support extracting data from various kinds of operating systems like Android, iOS, Yun OS, Tizen, BlackBerry, WebOS, Windows, Symbian, Palm, BADA, Windows Mobile, MTF, Spreadtrum, and all Chinese operation systems.

SalvationDATA New Product SPF Pro Release


  • Evidence nowhere to hide: physically bypass OS of locked mobile devices to extract and recover all available raw data.
  • Advanced physical extraction: Enable physical extraction of existing and deleted data from all MTK & Qualcomm based chipsets and all Chinese feature phones.
  • Dive deep and recover the most: Support fragmented data recovery and extraction from call log/contacts/SMS/images/audio and video files.
  • Easy access to the memory of smartphone: Enable file system extraction from a wide range of smartphones.



  • Keep your task saved: Breakpoint resume allows imaging process to be recovered and continued after an unexpected interruption.
  • Shorten time to evidence: Multi-tasking, support up to 8 devices running simultaneously and significantly increase efficiency.


We also updated the SalvationDATA Locked Chinese Phone Extraction Supporting List, SPF Pro Physical Extraction Chipset Supporting List V2.0, and Mobile Forensic Tools Comparison. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via Email: [email protected], if you are interested to learn more.