Editor’s note: The latest update of SPF Pro(Smartphone Forensic System Professional) is released Now!

SalvationDATA New Product SPF Pro New Updates

To deeply understand the capabilities of SPF Pro, please read the blog we posted before.

If you missed our release webinar, you can watch the recording on our YouTube channel. Also, you can download the software from our resources page of the website and have a free trial now.

Let’s have a look at what new features have been added:

1. New feature: YunOS image file analysis and file explorer.
2. New feature: VMDK image file analysis.


3. Feature upgrade: optimized downgrade backup, manual apk installation allowed in case auto-install failed.


4. Feature upgrade: support encrypted backup extraction (for Huawei, iTunes, adb backups).
5. New feature: MTP device file explore

SalvationDATA New Product SPF Pro New Updates

6. Feature upgrade: image file name can be modified when doing a physical extraction.
7. Feature upgrade: add forwarded message display for Wechat.
8. Feature upgrade: support file preview by double-clicking after extraction.


9. Feature upgrade: support to analyze and extract model, system, IMEI, and WiFi information.
10. Plug-in update, supported extraction from more apps.

SalvationDATA New Product SPF Pro New Updates

11. Feature upgrade: support location info analysis for media files.
12. Feature upgrade: optimized user interface and guidance for small tools
13. Known bugs fixed.

We also updated the SalvationDATA Locked Chinese Phone Extraction Supporting List, SPF Pro Physical Extraction Chipset Supporting List V2.0, and Mobile Forensic Tools Comparison. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via Email: [email protected], if you are interested to learn more.