Editor’s note: The latest update of SPF Pro(Smartphone Forensic System Professional) is released Now!
Let’s have a look at what new features have been added:

You can download the software from our resources page of the website and have a free trial now.

New extractions settings:
Enable QQ, Wechat media file extraction
Enable deep Wechat data recovery for Android

SalvationDATA Mobile Forensics SPF Pro update

Optimized forensic report, now all extracted data from different solutions are integrated into one single report for one forensic target.

SalvationDATA Mobile Forensics SPF Pro update

Added dialog display mode for multiple instant messenger apps including WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger, LINE.


Optimized a few forensic tools, including the Qualcomm 9008 Physical Extractor.


An improvement of the user interface on multiple aspects.


Feature upgrade: support file preview by double-clicking after extraction.

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