Editor’s note:  During the 24-27th of this April, the valued guests of Saudi Arab visited SalvationDATA to have the face to face conference and sign the partnership agreement. Not only advanced technology and solutions but also the hospitality of our staff impressed them!


As one of the leading integrated and completed solutions provider of Forensics lab solution, SalvationDATA offers customizable proposals that satisfy the domestic and international market.

SalvationDATA is receiving abundant inquiries and requests these years which originated from the gulf market through this partner who locates in Saudi Arab, approaching the end clients and their pressing needs with our professionalism on laboratory design.


2019 is destiny to be a flourishing and harvest year of SalvationDATA overseas business since we have been established the partnership officially with the Saudi Arab IT enterprise who focuses on Mid-East area by the method of signing the agreement formally during the conference.

Kenny Wong – the head of overseas business stated that the infinitive possibility of the collaboration should not be limited to the laboratory establishment or data forensics. The CEO and Vice President of the authorized distributor cannot agree with him no more, and showed their great interesting towards either the sophisticated products or the new technologies beyond the data forensic business (Computer forensicsMobile forensics, DVR forensics, and Forensics lab solution) that were fully innovated by SalvationDATA. Inspiringly, some of the brand new things have been applied with patents successfully and exclusively by our own.

It clears that, SalvationDATA will penetrate the gulf market quickly through the powerful partner with their incomparable resource to reach the government and industry customers.