Editor’s note: First week of this June, the Indonesia partner who commits to offer the advanced data forensic solutions and consultancy service to government users has been interested in the integrated forensic lab solution created by SalvationDATA for a long time; SalvationDATA earns a great reputation because of its DVR forensic solution- VIP also attracts the attention from the Singapore partner who is professional at video and audio forensic series.


Both of the partners spread their business out of the domestic markets and step into other South-East countries. With 5 days business journey spent on visiting the Chengdu R&D center and Xi’an integrated digital lab, now they have the comprehensive recognition and understanding towards the solutions and technical strength that SalvationDATA has.


SalvationDATA and the partners shared their marketing experience, technical knowledge, and cognition on data forensic development agreeably, their conference lasted for 5 hours without any break. During the meeting, the Indonesia partner has confirmed the coming digital forensic lab projects’ proposals with SalvationDATA already.

As being the leading data forensic group enterprise SalvationDATA not only to be the researcher but also the manufacture of hardware and software, the multi-role existence in the data forensic filed makes SalvationDATA is reasonable to be competitive!