Editor’s note: The latest update (V6.92.30) of SPF Pro (SmartPhone Forensic System Professional) is released now! You can download the software from our Resources Page and apply a Free Trial now. Let’s have a look at the new features!

  • Supports the “Backup Extraction” for VIVO brand smartphones, and it has been integrated into “Automatic Logical Extraction”.

Image 2

  • Considering to provide the better experience on the forensic investigation, we also integrated the “Backup Extraction” into “Automatic Logical Extraction”, so the investigator just needs to select “Automatic Logical Extraction” to start the One-Click operation.

Image 1

  • The automatic backup function has been optimized as the On-Demand function comes up. When an investigator encounters the situation that there are a few specified APPs’ data needs to be extracted so they can click to select the targeted APPs by their tags then initiate the extraction through this On-Demand function. Since SPF Pro will automatically backup the specified APPs’ data instead of all of them. This method saves much more time which should be spent on back up operation than before,  in the meantime occupies less and less storage of the targeted device.
  • Moreover, the targeted device could be configured into MTP mode so that to speed up the extraction procession.

Image 3

  • Supports the “WhatsApp FM” extraction.

Image 4

  • Less manual operation. The latest SPF Pro version has been implanted with APK to help the investigator could quickly connect the device to the computer since the APK command can automatically permit the backstage program which is reminded by the devices so that to accelerate.
  • The chat records contain in the HTML report supports the session mode.

Image 5

  • Bugs have been amended.