Editor’s note: On July 17, 2019, Vice President of Sichuan CPPC Mr. Chenfang and Secretary of Neijiang Municipal Party Committee Mr. Mabo visited SalvationDATA’s  HQ in Neijiang city. The founder of SalvationDATA, Kenneth Liang, reported on the company’s development history, industry status, innovation platform, main technology, and domestic and international market shares. It focuses on digital forensics and data recovery technologies, research, development, production, and sales. Mr. Chenfang fully affirmed the scientific research achievements obtained by SalvationDATA.


SalvationDATA is widely known as the famous data recovery and digital forensics solution provider among the world. Especially in forensic workstation development and manufacture, Sichuan Masterpiece Technology LLC, a proud subsidiary of XLY Salvationdata Technology INC., was founded in 2013 to provide customized fantastic hardware and intelligent software of digital forensics and data recovery laboratory solutions, which are widely recognized as the next-generation platform of a forensic laboratory.