Editor’s note: In November 2019, with purposes of a better understanding of digital forensics and its importance in the Cybersecurity industry, trainees from the Joint Staff Department of People’s Liberation Army Ground Force of China were gathering at Chengdu to have a training on digital forensics and forensic data recovery offering by SalvationDATA.


We have got the high praise of all trainees because of high-quality courses and thoughtful services. Our main digital forensics products: DRSSPF ProVIP 2.0 and Forensic Workstation were giving operation training for the trainees.


Upon successful completion of this training, trainees are familiar with common technical and legal issues related to the acquisition and use of digital evidence. The learning environment consists of lectures, real-world examples, and hands-on exercises.


All trainees have known better about digital forensics technology, SalvationDATA‘s products & services through this training, and it has laid a solid foundation for us to further cooperate with each side.