Editor’s note: The latest update of DRS (Data Recovery System) is released now!

Let’s have a look at what new features have been added:

V18.7.3.309 Update Description

1, New add support for RAID 1E、RAID 4、RAID 6 array analysis

Image 002

Now in this version, we can add RAID 1E、RAID 4、RAID 6 arrays into the source drive for analysis.

2, New add the report module exports the original directory function

Image 001

3, Optimize the expert imaging strategy, after forward and reverse imaging switching, reimaging from last breakpoint location

Image 004

With the help of this optimized strategy, we can continue the imaging work even after change the forward and reverse imaging methods.

4, Optimize office file preview function

Image 003

5, Fix preview version (software version) the license library, solve the Win7 classic theme can not boot problem

After our customer feedback to us the boot problem on Win7 classic theme, with the endeavors and analysis of our developer, the problem has been solved in one week.

6, Fix several known bugs to improve product stability

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