Editor’s note: In 2019, SalvationDATA has undergone reforms, technological research, and innovation, and has achieved fruitful results! With the joint efforts of more than 300 SalvationDATA brothers and sisters, the annual sales of SalvationDATA and related holding companies and joint-stock companies exceeded over 100 million RMB and awarded more than 500 national patents. And SalvationDATA founder Kenneth Liang wins the Builders of Socialist Undertaking with Chinese Characteristics Award.

With the continuous expansion of our corporate’s development scale, the kick-off & annual party in 2020 held in Chengdu’s main venue & other three branch venues. More than 300 brothers and sisters gathered together and share the annual event with pictures and live video. Let ’s take you to the venues and look back on the wonderful scenes!


SHIELD Team Competition
On-the-job training enhances skills, and technical training shows style. In 2019, the SalvationDATA technical service center launched a new service combat team — Shield Team.

In order to improve the overall technical quality of the team, SalvationDATA launched a two-day contest of the shield team during the 2020 annual meeting. Through the course training and practical assessment methods, the learning results have been tested, and the technical capabilities have been improved in order to better serve customers and lay the foundation for the company to cultivate a knowledge-based, technical, and innovative high-quality technical team. The training content includes a number of electronic data forensics topics such as mobile phones, field surveys, servers, monitoring, and hard disks.


Fun Games
The SalvationDATA Fun Games officially kicked off. On this day, we go hand in hand and together create beautiful memories that belong to us!


Fun competition
No.1 Go for It!

The ball beats in the drum and affects everyone’s nerves. It relies on organizational plans, fights for unity and cooperation. Trust and understanding are constant while the sweats of passion are beating.


No.2 Plants vs. Zombies

Regardless of whether it is games or work, we are fortunate to be with such a group of like-minded people, not afraid of danger, moving forward hard, collective strength quietly condensed in infinite happiness.

No.3 Tug of War

The game at the tip of the rope, the cohesion of the team. At this moment, we have no subordinate relationship, no division, and everyone’s heart is twisted into a rope.


Champion was born!


After several rounds of fierce competition, the top three of this year’s fun competition have been born! The results are different, but the same thing is that we have created a common wonderful memory!


Nazca Lines

People together are called parties, and hearts together are called teams. The 8 teams that were still struggling in the previous second, at this moment, have the same goals, are uniform, and work together to create a perfect giant picture that brings together the image of the SalvationDATA and the outlook for 2020. At this moment, we are an indivisible group!


Annual Party Dinner Begins

The exciting and fun sports were successfully concluded, and the exciting dinner officially kicked off. Along with the 2020 New Year’s video of the various departments, the 2020 annual ceremony of the SalvationDATA was officially opened.


Leader Speech

Kenneth Liang, Founder of SalvationDATA
Mr. Liang first summarized the outstanding achievements in sales and market expansion and qualification honors in 2019, and sincerely thank you all for your hard work throughout the year. At the same time, he also clarified two major development goals for 2020: one is to keep, and in accordance with existing development ideas, deepen the electronic data forensics market and the data recovery market; the other is to make full use of technologies such as information security, network security, big data, And industry advantages, actively explore new markets such as the big data industry, science and technology, and education industries, help the development of SalvationDATA, and create new glories!


Nina You, General Manager of SalvationDATA
Later, combined with the theme of this year’s annual conference, “Stay Young, Stay Strive”, President You came to the stage to express her heartfelt wishes and wish everyone a Happy New Year! She said that the glorious record of SalvationDATA in 2019 cannot be separated from the hard work of each sibling. In 2020, we hope that all siblings will meet the market challenges with a magnificent attitude and brand new looks, and help the SalvationDATA to accelerate development and create the world brilliant! We are young in 2020, and everyone will work together in the future!


Awards Ceremony

SalvationDATA’s achievements in the past year come from the unremitting efforts of the team. At the dinner awards ceremony, advanced teams and individuals who have made significant contributions to the efficiency of the past year are commended. Thanks for your hard work. Everyone will make persistent efforts in 2020.


Happy Lottery

Of course, the annual rally will be full of exciting draws! During the dinner, the surprise prizes prepared by the executive leadership were drawn out one by one in the cheers of everyone. In the laughter of everyone, the SalvationDATA kick-off & annual party in 2020 ended successfully!


Branch Venues

SalvationDATA’s annual party of Chengdu’s main venue ended successfully. The family members of Neijiang Production Base, Xi’an Branch, and other branches also sent family portraits, and we warmly welcomed the arrival of the Chinese New Year. We wish our corporates to reach another peak in 2020!


2019 is a fruitful year, and let us wish together and create new glories in 2020! Create a dream together and create a great era! You can also watch the party video on our YouTube channel.