Editor’s note: With over 19 years’ experience in this industry,  SalvationDATA has developed a full range of software and hardware for digital forensics and data security, and became China’s leading integrated forensic solution provider. In 2013, SalvationDATA has established its wholly-owned subsidiary company: Sichuan Masterpiece Technology LLC which is a leading manufacturer for digital laboratory and command center equipment. With the ambition to provide intelligent software with fantastic hardware, and focuses on providing reliable and customizable lab&room solutions in furniture design, proprietary workspace, acoustics and electricity control, as well as security.

WHY SalvationDATA?

Our products are using high-quality, sustainable and low maintenance materials, high tech solutions ready to manage cabling infrastructure & connectivity, and energy & data cabling distributed to avoid interferences. and our products also designed for human factors, integration of ergonomic elements to enhance daily user comfort. and maximum functionality with the latest integrated cutting-edge technology.


We are responsible for following the planimetry to develop the comprehensive 3D presentation of the project, evaluating aspects essential for every operation environment, providing our customers and partners a real representation of their environment. We also simulate the actual type of lighting used in your environment to analyze this way how it will affect the daily work of the operators and the global visualization systems of the operations environment. and we reproduce all the auxiliary elements necessary for a perfect understanding of the space and of the functional needs of the environment.

We contemplate the location of operators and of the technical furniture as essential for the proper ergonomic positioning of the various elements to integrate. So we facilitate the development of all the information necessary in order to define to the maximum our technical proposals. And we present our technical documentation using 3D views that facilitate the understanding of the volume of objects.

Police Department


This case study is the official center of a police department. The office uses a beautiful natural gray wooden floor and a transparent white wall. The overall office environment is decorated in a simple style. As we all know, the police department is responsible for public order, maintaining public order, protecting public property, and protecting citizens’ rights. In such a high-intensity office environment, a good workstation device will be very important.


According to the actual needs of the police department, we provide all-metal combined multimedia workstations and single-station multimedia workstations. Workstation equipment adopts original embedded LED lights, adding some technological sense elements to the simple office environment, making the whole office environment full of vitality. The entire line of products has been independently researched and developed and has successively obtained a number of national product patent qualifications. The products are completed with ergonomic design and advanced metal processing and matte paint processes. The entire process from design to manufacturing is strictly selected, scientifically managed, and comprehensively considered to meet the needs of various customers.


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