Editor’s note: On April 24, 2020, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee, Head of the United Front Department, and Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions Ms. Tian visited  SalvationDATA’s HQ in Neijiang. SalvationDATA founder, Mr. Kenneth Liang, reported on the company’s situation of production resumption and management, and the problems existing in this period. Calling the COVID19 fight a “test” for governance over the party, Ms. Tian urged better party building work at all levels.


Mr. Liang reported that the company actively deployed and implemented anti-epidemic work during the epidemic, and promoted the safe and orderly resumption of production and production of the enterprise. It has continuously released three new products about the artificial intelligence field and big data. Meanwhile, it has fully responded to the needs of public prosecution laws and other political and legal institutions and has fully utilized the technical advantages of electronic data forensics. It has quickly established a professional and technical party member commando, providing more than ten kinds of technical support services such as data recovery, mobile phone forensics, and video investigation. The company actively organized the donation of disinfection alcohol, disinfectant, and other epidemic prevention materials, and fully supported the frontline epidemic prevention and control work.


Ms. Tian fully affirmed the efforts of the SalvationDATA for accelerating enterprises’ efforts in work consumption. She emphasized that we must develop more confidence and insist on steadily advancing resumption of production, restore the order of economic and social development in an orderly manner. SalvationDATA believes that we can win the battle of COVID19 and better restore the normal production of corporations.