The latest update of SPF Pro (SmartPhone Forensic System Professional) is released now!

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V6.113 Version upgrade instructions:

1. Optimized the automatic extraction of Huawei. Improved the backup speed, support to the latest HiSuite version backup analysis.

2. Optimized the OPPO automatic extraction and backup tool. Improved the backup speed, allow users to try to continue the backup in the event of a backup failure, and improved stability.

3. Optimized the automatic extraction of vivo. Solved the problem that some mobile phones cannot extract data from some third-party apps.

4. Added “default iTunes backup password” setting, no need to manually enter when extracting.

5. Added “Calculate MD5 value of file when extracting file” setting, support export to report.

6. Optimized the analysis of iOS WeChat. Added group nickname, group joining method, and WeChat favorites data analysis.

7. Upgraded the “photo/screenshot” function. Support to save screenshots and photos to a custom node, and synchronize to the extraction results.

8. Updated some plugins:

Android: Skype(Intl), Line, ArticleNews, KakaoTalk, NinthChat, OperaBrowser, OutlookMail, Snapchat, Whatsapp, XiaoMiBrowser

iOS: Momo