Thursday, May 9, 2013. Two- day Computer Forensic Show successfully closed in Jacob Javits Center, New York City – the heart of the US northeast corridor. The show attracts thousands of professionals from the public and private

sectors looking.


SalvationDATA CEO Kenneth Liang, CTO Mr. Huang and one of our certified reseller James Gao appeared at the show. The full line of best-selling types of equipment was exhibiting in our Booth, the marketing video for the unveiled system (VSIS) was broadcast in the loop.


SalvationDATA received the first order of Video Surveillance Investigation System with 5 sets from a Police Department (who wish to remain anonymous). The responsible person said, ” we are using SalvationDATA existing products, their quality equipment and good service exceed our expectations in a surprising way every time, that is why we place the order because we trust SalvationDATA” .

Some old customers visited our booth, one of them is from New York City. He works for a Forensic Organization and has been using SalvationDATA equipment for over 5 years. He said “China is cross over the world for us. This is a great opportunity for me to see them on my door. Besides, I have every confidence in recommending SalvationDATA to anyone looking for a professional Computer Forensic Solution, SalvationDATA make the impossible possible, it’s a great value for our money”

This two-day event was a great sales success for SalvationDATA. It is also an excellent way to connect SalvationDATA with our customers. We appreciate all the hard work that went into planning such an impressive event.