On Monday 24th June 2013, Australia’s 5-day premiere hands-on training course kicked off in Sydney. Customers from Canada, Sydney City, and Central Coast joined this professional course.

Duration: 5 days (June 24 to June 28)

Location: Sydney, Dee Why, Data Recovery Tools Australia Pacific Office

Trainers: Philip Hurst, Senior technician William from SalvationDATA
What is special about this training?


1. It is jointly hosted training by SalvationDATA and Data Recovery Tools Australia Pacific.
2. The course includes theory about hard drive mechanics, file systems, and firmware. It shows how to diagnose and solve problems whether they be logical, firmware or physical.
3. Hands-on training: real-life case studies are provided in the course that can make the course easier to understand. Trainees are learning while working, this way they can boost the trainee’s confidence because they have a trainer available to ask questions of if they are unclear about something. Attendees can bring their own hard drives to class for diagnosis and recovery as well.

What can you learn from this training?

1. Here is the feedback from our last course attendees:
In only five days, we learned how to recover from nearly all logical and physical problems, from deleted partitions, bad sectors, to damaged heads and PCB. It’s an intensive course for anybody that wants to open a data recovery business or upgrade his shop to offer these services.
2. Apart from the professional knowledge and skills, attendees can have a good and comprehensive understanding of data recovery industry, including different business management tools, how to do data recovery marketing and data recovery procedures.