DRS supports imaging in bad sectors, providing solutions to stuck disk when imaging and even to inoperable sector data etc. You can customize the configuration of accuracy to load sector data and image copy-failed sectors. The process of the image is displayed on real-time basis giving a solution to bad sector imaging through anti-stuck technology.

Computer Forensics Imaging Bad sectors hard drives

Main Features:

Ø  Applied UDMA-133 transform technology, and the testing copy speed reaches 12GB/min

Ø  Support copying data for HDD, USB Flash, CF cards and TF cards by IDE/SATA ports

Ø  Monitor the whole imaging process in real time

Ø  High-speed copy bad-track HDD with IDE/SATA/USB ports

Ø  Precisely read sectors on bad-track HDD

Ø  Support reading data by forward/backward or reading repeatedly in order to extract more data

Ø  Use different colors to show imaging fast or slow during the imaging process

Unlike physical repair, the physical recovery module mainly provides solutions to bad sectors and a series of issues when imaging, which can guarantee that the data recovery would run smoothly.