The Cyber Crime Investigators Workshop with Haryana Police recently took place at Faridabad police station in October 2016. This workshop on cybercrime & cyber law for Faridabad polices was led by famous cybersecurity expert Mr. Anuj Agarwal.


At the workshop, Mr. Anuj introduced how to use advanced digital forensics technology to effectively attack cybercrime, especially emphasized on utilizing DRS(Data Recovery System) and VIP(Video Investigation Potable) for data recovery and digital forensics. Mr. Anuj said, “Not only had DRS already been listed on the CFTT Catalog, but also it had recently helped Indian National Cyber Security Department recover data from a dead hard drive which cannot be extracted by any other data recovery tools in the market.” As the powerful crime-solving tools, DRS and VIP have already helped many investigations all over the world. The police commander of Faridabad police station Mr. Naveen, also praised and showed great interest in trying DRS and VIP, hoping these two newly SalvationDATA tools could help them increase the ratio of cracking criminal cases in the days ahead.2