Thanks to efforts of all SalvationDATA employees, SalvationDATA now has grown into a world-leading integrated solutions provider of digital forensics, data recovery, and E-discovery. And the contributions made by some are certainly critical to SalvationDATA’s development. Some of them worked around-the-clock to crack a technical conundrum and some racked their brains to deliver the most user-friendly product design. And it goes without saying that their contributions should be recognized and rewarded.


During the meeting, SalvationDATA’s CEO, Liang Xiaoning, also unveiled some good news, which is that SalvationDATA has credited by Sichuan Ministry of Public Security as a trusted laboratory of data security and data recovery.


SalvationDATA has always been dedicated to R&D of digtial forensics technology, and it will continue innovating to help investigators acquire evidentiary data from HDD, mobile devices and CCTV DVRs.