We’ve all had such unpleasant experiences as accidentally deleting some valuable data. And what vexes us, even more, is that whatever has been deleted can’t be recovered.

While performing forensic data recovery, the practitioners are often challenged by the same scenario, i.e. being unable to recover data that’s most critical for cracking a criminal case. And recovering deleted WeChat data is one of them. Well, the good news is SalvationDATA has worked out the solution.

The issue of recovering deleted data on WeChat for Android released later than version 5.3 has remained unsolved in digital forensics industry for long because of the later added VACUUM operation, which makes the deleted data irretrievable. A while back, SalvationDATA figured out the solution for recovering deleted WeChat data on iOS.

And SalvationDATA is proud to announce that we did it again. As the people using WeChat is growing increasingly, so is the data WeChat has to process. For ease of data query, an index, which contains valuable data, was built in WeChat. So, even when the data stored in an encrypted database is deleted, it can still be found in the index. That’s when SalvationDATA found the key to recovering deleted data from WeChat for Android.

The function module will soon be updated to SalvationDATA’s SmartPhone Forensic System(SPF).

SPF is an integrated mobile forensics system specifically designed for data acquisition, recovery, analysis, and triage from mobile devices such as Android phone, tablets, iPhone & iPad. It is a powerful and must-have platform for digital investigation. 1

Special Reminder: the software for SmartPhone Forensic System(SPF) is now available for free trial. To learn more about it, please go to our website:http://www.salvationdata.com/spf-smartphone-forensic-system.html