A new function was introduced today for SmartPhone Forensic System(SPF) that enables users to extract data from locked phones with Qualcomm chips when the phone is protected with screen lock, bootloader or is not debugged.

Qualcomm is an American multinational semiconductor and telecommunications equipment company that pioneered the commercialization of 3G, 4G, and next-generation wireless cellular communications. And chips provided by Qualcomm are used by many phone manufacturers, especially Android devices.

A while back, a common way of extracting data from the said devices was to root the phone. But the method is not quite effective as it used to be because rooting Android devices are becoming harder. And data will be wiped if a user unlocks bootloader lock. So the most common practice now is to remove the chip for data extraction, but this could also cause data loss.

Good news is SalvationDATA has worked out a more efficient solution. Gain access to 9008 modes of Qualcomm while the phone is locked. Then redefine the mobile devices as storage devices. Once this is done, extracting data from such devices is as easy as ABC. And the phone could still be restored back to its original status when data extraction is completed.

The function module has already been updated to SalvationDATA’s SmartPhone Forensic System(SPF) which is a mobile forensics platform specifically designed for smartphone data recovery like Android devices, iOS devices, feature phones etc.

To learn more about this module function and other functions of SPF, please click the link below: