SalvationDATA’s Mobile Track Visualization Forensic MTF has passed American Computer Forensics Tool Test, a partnership between the Department of Homeland Security, Science & Technology Directorate, Cyber Security Division and the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and is listed on their catalog. This indicates that MTF is fully capable of performing mobile forensics and excels at recovering evidentiary data.

Now you can check out SalvationDATA’s MTF on CFTT website.
MTF(Mobile-Track Visualization Forensics) is a forensically sound software that enables forensic investigators to quickly and easily acquire GPS coordinates data from all possible sources of any iOS or Android device even without root. Once analyzed, the track data can be visually viewed on both online or offline maps. What is more, investigators can directly view data records of the device on the maps, including messages, phone records, media data of Apps(pictures, audios & videos), etc. This powerful forensic software is designed to identify and pinpoint every geolocation of device users and visualize users’ movement routes anytime on the maps.

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