Before I start rambling about the reasons why I chose SalvationDATA VIP for our DVR forensics cases, I should probably introduce myself a bit so that you get to know more about me and the situations that I often encounter.

I am an investigator. Like many other fellows, I have many piled-up cases to be handled, and it makes us even more frustrated that new cases are kept coming in. Many of these cases sent to us would invariably involve CCTV DVRs, thanks to today’s “Surveillance Web” project which requires everything to be monitored. And what makes it even harder to solve the case is that the recorded video clips that are crucial for case cracking are deleted. And it’s worth mentioning that among the DVRs I handled, many are coming from China(not surprised).

With these questions in mind, I started to search for the kind of DVR forensics software that could help deal with cases mentioned above, which requires the software to be equipped, at least, with the following capabilities.

1 FAST extraction speed that will help improve efficiency;

2 Recovery of DELETED or even OVERWRITTEN video clips;

3 Support of multiple CHINESE DVR brands.

It didn’t take long before I decided that SalvationDATA VIP would be my choice, because there’re not many brands(DVR forensics software) to be compared with. While other DVR forensics software developers boast of the same capabilities, SalvationDATA VIP offers more. It is its comprehensive performance that makes it stand out from the rest.

Besides those frequently talked about functions such as bypassing DVR password, extraction, recovery and report. SalvationDATA VIP does more, for example:

1 It can extract and recover not only normal and deleted video clips, but also OVERWRITTEN and FRAGMENTED video materials;

2 In contrast to traditional ways of doing DVR forensics, SalvatinDATA VIP also enables investigators to extract and recover video clips via LAN;

3 To facilitate the investigation process, SalvationDATA VIP is also equipped with an ULTRA PLAYER and TRANSCODING functions which allow access to proprietary and other different video formats;

4 Time offset adjustment;

5 Simultaneous extraction from multiple DVR hard disks;

6 Video retrieval function to be added by user’s choice.

On top of what I mentioned above, it has more capabilities that you can explore on your own. I believe that you may be in the same situation with me, so I tell my story here.