How can we access video and metadata from CCTV DVRs if the DVR is password-protected?

What if the hard drives can’t be removed from the CCTV DVRs, how could we acquire the video clips from the CCTV DVRs?

The evidentiary video clips might have been deleted, lost or overwritten, what shall we do?



Investigators might have probably tried a number of ways to locate the perfect solution for extracting deleted and overwritten video clips from the CCTV DVRs. Hereby SalvationDATA is providing the whole DVR forensics solution on Summer Giveaway promotion: If you are forensic examiner, law enforcement investigator, forensic specialist, you are on our donating list.

VIP (Video Investigation Portable) is a forensically sound software solution for extracting, recovering video and metadata from CCTV DVRs for forensic labs or in the field.

There’re many benefits you could get from using our DVR forensics solution, VIP.

What listed below is just a selected few:

SalvationDATA DVR forensics VIP

  1. Support multiple proprietary file systems and various DVR brands, especially Chinese brands.
  2. Extract and recover deleted, lost, overwritten and EVEN fragmented video clips from CCTV DVRs.
  3. Bypass DVR passwords, directly access DVR hard drive.
  4. Simultaneous extraction from multiple DVR hard drives for enormous time-saving.
  5. Connect local area network(LAN) of CCTV DVRs for video extracting if cannot remove the hard drive from DVR.
  6. Video preview before export, video transcode after export with embedded ultra-playing and transcoding functions.
  7. Direct play video clips with proprietary formats using independent ultra-player.
  8. Integrated disk imaging and hash calculation functions to ensure the process in a forensically sound manner.
  9. Quickly analyze and locate objects or person of interest with add-on video retrieval function.
  10. Forensically sound reporting function for every key operation.


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Meanwhile, Professional User FREE Online/Onsite Training Courses is available for you. Whenever you need to understand how to use the VIP to exact video clips from DVRs or special cases you need help, SalvationDATA engineers are right here waiting for you!

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