With over 15 years’ experience in this industry,  SalvationDATA has developed a full range of software and hardware for digital forensics and data security, and became China’s leading integrated solution provider. We are not only offering products but also offering the whole solutions and services of DFIR for you. Our one-stop solutions are widely recognized as the next generation platform of the forensic laboratory. In 2017, there are over 20 forensic labs built for Law Enforcement around the world, thanks for all your support!

SalvationDATA forensic workstationSalvationDATA forensic workstation 1-8SalvationDATA forensic workstationSalvationDATA forensic workstation

With the ambition to provide intelligent software with fantastic hardware, SalvationDATA focuses on providing reliable and customizable digital forensics laboratory solution in furniture design, proprietary workspace, acoustics and electricity control, as well as security. Welcome to talk to us and get the free design of your own forensic workstation!

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