We are extremely pleased to present to you our FREE tool for WhatsApp Forensics: WhatsApp Message Extraction & Decryption. We are sure you will find it extremely well, and you can download the tool from resources page of our website.

SalvationDATA WhatsApp Forensics Free ToolSalvationDATA WhatsApp Forensics Free Tool

Key Features:

Decrypt encrypted WhatsApp database:

  • Automatically extract the cipher key without Root.
  • Automatically decrypt WhatsApp database with the key.

Extract unencrypted WhatsApp database:

  • Downgrade WhatsApp and directly extract unencrypted database files.
  • Restore the original WhatsApp application at the end of the process.

If you missed our webinar, you can watch the recording on our YouTube channel. And you can also read our WhatsApp forensics article if you want. We hope this FREE tool will somehow help the DFIR community to deal with mobile devices to retrieve the evidentiary data as much as they can.

Image 12SalvationDATA WhatsApp Forensics Free Tool