On 27th March, SalvationDATA and its South Korean partner PRiMEWARE jointly held the SalvationDATA product Seminar in Gangnam Meeting Center, Seoul, South Korea. More than 30 Korea governmental officers from SPO(Supreme Prosecutors’ Office Republic of Korea-National Digital Forensic Center), NPA(KOREAN NATIONAL POLICE AGENCY-Scientific Investigation Center), KCG(Korea Coast Guard), DSC(Korea Defense Security Command- Scientific Investigation Research Institute),DFRC(The Digital Forensic Research Center of Korea University) and Special Forces Brigades of the Republic of Korea etc. and digital forensic experts from FinalDATA, Duzone, Datadoctor, Sejong Info, Omecca, Shin&Kim, Hankook, DataTec etc. attended the seminar.


Digital evidence plays an integral role in all aspects of our modern daily lives. Although strongly related to the field of cybersecurity, digital forensics concerns itself with the collection of evidence after a crime has taken place as opposed to the prevention of a crime.

SalvationDATA Seminar South Korea Computer Mobile DVR Forensics

Digital forensics is a rapidly evolving field and this seminar introduced how SalvationDATA solutions could help the investigators to extract and analyze the logical and physical digital evidentiary data obtained from different electronic devices in a forensically sound manner.

SalvationDATA Seminar South Korea Computer Mobile DVR Forensics

During the seminar, SalvationDATA’s core technology in computer forensics, mobile forensics, DVR forensics and integrated forensic laboratory solution has drawn a great deal of attention and topics among the attendees. The participants speak highly of SalvationDATA products like DRSSPF and VIP, especially CCTV DVR forensic product VIP, its fragmented video extraction and overwritten video recovery function really play an important role in DVR forensics. And also everyone agrees with SalvationDATA’s customized forensic workstations can really help to increase their efficiency at work.

SalvationDATA Seminar South Korea Computer Mobile DVR Forensics
Attendee is wearing 3D-VR glasses for viewing our laboratory

The seminar was successfully ended with all the efforts of our partner PRiMEWARE. Thanks to all the participants and cooperators. See you soon in next SalvationDATA Seminar!