Editor’s note: On 11th May, our Korean partner visited SalvationDATA’s R&D center at SalvationDATA new premises and new forensic laboratory in Xi’an city. PRiMEWARE is one of our valued partners, we have established a good relationship of cooperation between us in the Korean market.

First of all, our Overseas Director Kenny Wong lead the customer walked around our new premises and explained how we organized our new office.

During the meeting, Kenny introduced our new training program, training center, and new laboratory in Xi’an city and our forensic engineer Raymond demonstrated the latest products of SPF Pro and DCK 2. Furthermore, our partner made an excellent compliment on the performance of SPF Pro and DCK 2. He also had a short meeting with our founder Kenneth Liang and CEO Nina You, they exchanged some meaningful information and ended with a road-map for the future cooperation laid out.

As scheduled, Customer visited the new laboratory and new training center in Xi’an.

SalvationDATA is widely known as China’s leading integrated solutions provider of digital forensics and data security. Especially in forensic workstation development and manufacture, Sichuan Masterpiece Technology LLC, a proud subsidiary of SalvationDATA, was founded in 2013 to provide customized fantastic hardware and intelligent software solutions, which are widely recognized as the next generation platform of a forensic laboratory.