Editor’s note: For more than 18 years, SalvationDATA has always been dedicating his efforts to bringing perfect digital forensic solutions to the DFIR community. And today, we are thrilled to share this new release of our new generation forensic hardware with all our valuable customers!



Data Copy King 2 (DCK 2) is the second generation of SalvationDATA’s well-received forensic data eraser and disk duplicator. Equipped with multi-function write-blockers, and embedded high capacity storage drive, DCK 2 is a fully portable device designed for both field and laboratory applications. With embedded read-only SATA/USB and multi-function card reader interfaces, DCK 2 provides a one-stop solution to most common storage devices. DoD standard data erasure ensures zero possibility to recover any digital data wiped by DCK 2. DCK 2, a must-have tool in your digital forensic laboratory or information security department.



SalvationDATA now presents our latest accomplishment, the state of the art digital forensic bridge (write-blocker) to meet the critical needs of the forensic community. Our write-blocker series provide abundant types of interfaces while small in size. Built based on leading technology, they help to provide reliable solutions to triage and acquire data from a variety of storage devices. The physical write-blocking technology eliminates any possibility of data modification made to storage devices. The series includes both portable and integrated devices. No matter if you are looking for easy-to-carry equipment for field investigation or integrated solutions to build up your laboratory, come and check out our catalog.

Our write-blocker can be integrated mounts in a drive bay of a forensic workstation, and also can be portably used in the field investigation.


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