Editor’s Note: SalvationDATA as China’s leading integrated solutions provider of digital forensics, also always introduce the best solution into the international market. Our valued partner from India visited us last week, they first reached our marketing and R&D center office in Chengdu, to discuss the strategic and cooperative partnership in India.

During the meeting, our Overseas Director Mr. Kenny Wong introduced the development history of our company and shared the main business and products of Computer ForensicsMobile forensicsDVR forensics, and Forensics lab solution, so our guests had a comprehensive and deep understanding of SalvationDATA.

They also had a short meeting with our CEO Nina You, they exchanged some meaningful information and ended with a road-map for the future cooperation laid out.

And we are delighted to announce that we made the agreement that PELORUS Technologies Pvt. Ltd, as SalvationDATA’s country partner in India. Pelorus will fully distribute all existing and future products from SalvationDATA in the Indian market.

Our Director Mr. Kenny Wong, said: “I’m excited to have PELORUS as our partner. Their values and vision, as demonstrated in their market approach and in the manner of their business interactions, inspire me and are highly compatible with those of SalvationDATA. We couldn’t ask for a better country partner in our international expansion.”

National Head Sales Mr. Harpreet Singh at PELORUS, said: “Today is a great day for our company. Our mission is to partner with companies that have innovative products. Partnering with SalvationDATA is a great opportunity to add value to everyday life and build a safer and better future for people in India.”

It clears that, SalvationDATA will penetrate the local market quickly, based on the rapidly accelerating trend in sales of Computer ForensicsMobile ForensicsDVR Forensics, and Forensics lab solution in the territory, as well as the innovative synthesis of technology and differentiated quality behind the SalvationDATA brand.

Our guests also visited SalvationDATA ’s new forensic laboratory & training center in Xi’an city. Vice President Mr. Liu also introduced the main business and products of Industrial Control System (ICS) security and Cyber Security solution from our subsidiary company SecureCon Technologies.



An ISO 9001:2008 certified company established with a vision of providing specialized solutions in telecom and infrastructure domain for global corporates and governments by envisaging their future needs now. Their products range from digital forensics, security and surveillance systems. They are also engaged in R&D, manufacturing, and marketing of embedded solutions. Their research focuses on inventing methods for mass implementation in government sectors providing turnkey strategies and solutions through disruptive innovation. Their solutions are helpful to law enforcement agencies to keep a tap of unusual activities and stop them effectively.