Editor’s note: At the end of each forensic extraction process, you would always want to export what you have extracted in a universal format, which can be transferred and inspected on any computers no matter this computer is installed with the forensic software or not. So in this article, let’s talk about data export and report generation in SPF Pro after you have finished a mobile forensic process.

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How to Inspect a Smartphone’s Data without Forensic Software?
In order to view the data without SPF software, we must first create a forensic report to export the data in a format that the Windows OS can read. The report function button is located at the upper right corner of the SPF Window, click it to open the report options window.

[Tips] How to Inspect a Smartphone’s Data without the Forensic Software?

There are a few configurations you can make before generating the report.1. Source selection. Here you can specify the data of which source device you want to include in the report. All devices of the current case are selected by default.
2. Filter settings. Here you can set some basic filters to decide what types of data you want to include in the report.
3. General settings. Here you can set the destination path and format of the report. So far we support PDF and HTML. You can also click “Settings” to input more case information for the report.
After finishing the configurations, click ”Generate Report”.


Now go to destination folder to check the report. All the exported data (including chats, calls, pictures, videos, etc.) is saved in the report folders. Use a web browser to open the file “index.html” to view the report.

[Tips] How to Inspect a Smartphone’s Data without the Forensic Software?

Remember to allow blocked content if your web browser asks you for permission, otherwise, you might experience some display issues.


And now you’ve got a report of your smartphone forensic extraction, and it’s in standard HTML format which can be easily copied to any Windows-based computer and you can freely inspect the data without the SPF software at all.

[Tips] How to Inspect a Smartphone’s Data without the Forensic Software?

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