Hello Potential Distributor

XLY Salvationdata Technology INC. is pleased to announce an expansion plan of our distribution network. We are China’s leading integrated solutions provider of digital forensics, data recovery, data security, and E-discovery. As a pioneer of the industry, SalvationDATA is always committed to providing innovation platform with proprietary technologies for Law Enforcement Agencies, Government, Military Intelligence Agencies, Digital Forensics Laboratories, and Corporations, etc. SalvationDATA’s professional engineers and forensic experts are dedicated to providing outstanding service to more than 9,000 customers from over 130 countries around the world.

Because of our recent success, our focus now turns to build growth through a network of distributors who are ready to grow with us.

We are seeking out distributors who aim to build lasting, market-leading, and profitable relationships that can be game-changing in the digital forensic industry.

XLY Salvationdata Technology INC. hopes you will consider a distributorship opportunity and we look forward to working with you in the near future for our mutual benefits.

Why SalvationDATA?


What products do we provide?

Forensic Hardware:

DRS (Data Recovery System)

HPE-Pro (Head Replacement)

Data Copy King 2-Basic and Data Copy King 2-Pro

Forensic Write-blocker

Forensic Software:

Computer Forensics-DRS Preview

Mobile Forensics-SPF Pro (SPF Pro (SmartPhone Forensic System Professional))

SPA-SmartPhone Forensic Triage Acquisition

DVR Forensics-VIP (Video Investigation Portable)

Create your own business or enhance your existing product line today with the New distributor program!

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