Editor’s note: Recently, SalvationDATA and University of Zagreb reached teaching cooperation and selected SPF(SmartPhone Forensic System Professional) as the main teaching tool of forensic analysis course for mobile phone forensics.

Why SalvationDATA?

Last year, SalvationDATA released a global version of SPF Pro with its powerful integrated platform for digital investigations. It allows investigators to examine and ascertain relevant information from mobile devices easily and efficiently both in the field and in the lab and they contacted us and asked to try our products.

Obviously, they were satisfied with our product and wanted SPF Pro to be listed as their teaching tool for mobile forensic analysis course.

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About University of Zagreb


The Department of Information and Communication Traffic is a scientific-educational and research-developmental organizational unit of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, the University of Zagreb, which produces, transmits and applies knowledge in the field of Information Communication Traffic and related technologies.


The Department aspires to become a regional scientific-research and research-developmental center of excellence in the field of Information Communication Traffic and related technologies, integrated into the European network of similar organizations.

The first course was started on 18th March and students used our SPF Pro to study.

SalvationDATA's SPF(SmartPhone Forensic System Professional) has been listed as a training tool at the University of Zagreb51966819_288122898529234_4297008509272195072_n

Hands-on with cases

They also posted on the website


Not just one university we cooperated with

In 2017, the Birmingham City University (BCU)-Digital Forensics Institute in the UK officially included the DRS(Data Recovery System) as a teaching tool for the college.


SalvationDATA's SPF(SmartPhone Forensic System Professional) has been listed as a training tool at the University of ZagrebQQ浏览器截图20190319150634

In recent years, SalvationDATA has actively explored opportunities for diversified international cooperation and has successively reached digital forensics cooperation with more than 20 overseas universities. These include the Sumaia Princess University of Science and Technology in Jordan, the University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, the Bharat Institute of Engineering and Technology in India, the University of Shana in Yemen, the Federal University of Vysosa in Russia, the School of Forensics at Birmingham City University in the United Kingdom, and the United States. Sam Houston State University, Empoli State University, University of California, University of Alberta, Canada, Canada’s Peking University Technology and Re-education Agency, University of Blau, Somalia.

With over 15 years’ experience in this industry, SalvationDATA has developed a full range of software and hardware for digital forensics and data security and became China’s leading integrated solution provider of computermobile, and DVR forensics. Ever since SalvationDATA was founded, we already got over 200 national patents and one overseas patent from USPTO for our technologies. We are not only offering products but also offering whole solutions and services. Till now, there are over 50 forensic labs built by SalvationDATA around the world, our one-stop solutions are widely recognized as the next generation platform of the laboratory.