Editor’s note: During 15th and 20th, July, SalvationDATA and the Indian partner jointly participated in the “International Police Expo” which was held in New Delhi, also visited the government clients who are interested and have procured our products already.DSC03902

During the exhibition, SalvationDATA’s core technology in computer forensics, mobile forensics, DVR forensics, and integrated forensic laboratory solution has drawn a great deal of attention and topics among the audiences. These visitors spoke highly of SalvationDATA products like DRSSPF Pro and VIP2.0, especially CCTV DVR forensic product VIP, its fragmented video extraction and overwritten video recovery function really play an important role in DVR forensics. And the unique technology which has been applied in VIP2.0 solution gains the patent of “USPTO”!IMG_8638

Meanwhile, the onsite demonstration and presentation which took place in the investigators’ office offered the end-users a great opportunity to learn our forensic solution like DRSSPF Pro, and VIP2.0. They also got to know better how our customized forensic Workstations can really help to increase their efficiency during the investigation.IMG_8610

Under the joint efforts of the overseas business department and its country partner, SalvationDATA promotes and spreads their solutions and ideas in modern data forensic field to Indian market means the Win-win opportunity of each country.

And now The Sophisticated Video Evidence Capturer-VIP2.0 is Official Released, click here for more information!