Editor’s note: SalvationDATA cooperates with Amped Software who focuses on developing the global leading solutions for all image and video processing needs, relating to forensics, investigations, public security, and intelligence. SalvationDATA has integrated Amped Software’s very powerful product: “Amped FIVE”, into our DVR Forensic software: “VIP 2.0”. Thanks to the integration with Amped FIVE, VIP 2.0 can import and convert video footage, analyze its format, clarify its content, take measurements of humans or objects, which is helpful in presenting the image and video evidence to the investigators.

Below you can see how VIP 2.0 generates image and video evidence with Amped FIVE. Pre-condition: the user must have a valid license of Amped FIVE installed on a local computer together with a license of VIP 2.0. Within the VIP 2.0 toolbox, the user will see a link to Amped FIVE as in the screenshot below:


Step 1.

After extracting the video clips from HDD or images by VIP 2.0, the user clicks the “Preview” button to preview the selected video clips by the built-in ULTRA-PLAYER.


Step 2.

Then right-click on the selected video clip, and it will bring up various options. Under the options you will see Amped FIVE as a selection, this operation directly leads you to enter into the Amped FIVE interface, no need to go back to the home page to initiate the software again, this link helps.


Step 3.

After clicking on the Amped FIVE link and opening the selected video clip with Amped FIVE, you will see the video clip displayed in Amped FIVE.


Step 4.

After the video clip is loaded into Amped FIVE you are capable of using Amped FIVE to make some notes or log some quick bookmarks.


Step 5.

Or if you have professional skills you can also use the many filters available to analyze and enhance the image and video, after that the forensic report can be generated which contains the Details, Summary, Parameters .etc. of the processing.



By using the wonderful and powerful tool Amped FIVE, SalvationDATA’s VIP 2.0 can do the video extraction and recovery process, and after that Amped FIVE can help to enhance and analyze images and video clips during the investigation. These two products together can give a seamless workflow between a forensic acquisition and the analysis & enhancement. SalvationDATA will be always joining hands to give all the investigators a better experience and great convenience.

You can also watch the video demo on our YouTube channel.  And you can download the software from our resources page of the website or contact [email protected] to have a free trial!