Editor’s note: The latest update of DRS (Data Recovery System) is released now!

Let’s have a look at what new features have been added:

V18.7.3.304 Update Description

1, Add logical volume recovery function, support for LVM data to do logical volume extract, scan, image operation

Image 1

LVM, the short name of Logical Volume Manager, is a mechanism for disk management in a Linux environment. LVM has the advantage of enabling users to expand device capacity without shutting down, so it is widely used in practical scenarios.

2, Add BitLocker unlock entrance, support BitLocker encryption partition unlocking with known password keys.

BitLocker is an encryption tool built into the operating system since Windows Vista. BitLocker encrypts the entire operating system partition, data partition. With hardware TPM (Trusting Platform Module, most business notebook, and desktop, server motherboard are including the components) security components used in combination, in addition to the traditional data encryption protection, can also prevent the hard disk is inserted or start to other computer components/configuration has been modified or steal data.

Image 2

Right-click on the data source, pop up the menu and click “unlock Bitlocker” to open the corresponding interface.


After choosing to unlock with a password or key, enter the corresponding password or key in the input box and click “ok” to unlock. Once the unlocking is complete, the scan can be performed.

3, Add window setting function, support non-full screen, and full-screen display switch

Image 3

4, Optimize the interface display of 2K screen resolution

In this upgrade, we have also adjusted the resolution of the DRS6800 software interface, and now it is fitted with a 2K screen, better compatibility and more comfortable.

5, Fix massive known bugs

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