Editor’s note: With over 20 years’ experience in this industry, SalvationDATA has developed a full range of software and hardware for digital forensics and data security, and became China’s leading integrated forensic solution provider. In 2013, SalvationDATA has established its wholly-owned subsidiary company: Sichuan Masterpiece Technology LLC which is a leading manufacturer for digital laboratory and command center equipment. With the ambition to provide intelligent software with fantastic hardware, and focuses on providing reliable and customizable forensic lab, command center, and control room solutions in workstation and console design, proprietary workspace, acoustics and electricity control, as well as security.


WHY SalvationDATA?


Professional — Cabling Management



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Flexible — Customization


Manufacturing Facility

We have 17,000 square meter facility and warehouse to produce all the products including test prototypes and organize the logistics properly. High-tech specific tools are used to guarantee top quality products and the best solutions. The top-level of our industrial facility ensures high-quality for all the solutions we produce, can guarantee fully customized solutions matching our customer needs.

07-1Network Operations Center


This case study is a Network Operations Center of the Public Security Bureau, using modern and simple decoration style. The modern space design not only makes full use of the plane space but also pays attention to the introduction of natural light, creating a very comfortable space atmosphere. With the rapid development of cloud computing, big data, IoT, and network function virtualization, major cities have responded to national calls to build smart cities. Through large-scale data collection, network and user data are continuously concentrated in the cloud, and large-scale cross-border services are provided to improve the privacy of user privacy.


The whole center is spacious and full of light. The top of the hall and the wall break the traditional design pattern, adopting the current popular styling design to make the whole space clear and more design.


The most central equipment in the NOC belongs to these four sets of Dual-Station Data Analysis Consoles. The console is particularly prominent in the entire space. In addition, the blue LED lights of the console itself collide with the entire space to create a spark of innovation and inspiration, so that the entire space presents different characteristics.


The four sets of Dual-Station Data Analysis Consoles used in the NOC are all-metal, all products of the whole line are independently researched and developed and independently designed. They have obtained a number of national product design patents. The products are completed by ergonomic design, the introduction of advanced metal processing technology, and spraying technology, and the entire process from design to manufacturing is the strict material selection, scientific management, comprehensive consideration to meet the needs of various customers.

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