Editor’s note: With over 20 years’ experience in this industry, SalvationDATA has developed a full range of software and hardware for digital forensics and data security, and became China’s leading integrated forensic solution provider. In 2013, SalvationDATA has established its wholly-owned subsidiary company: Sichuan Masterpiece Technology LLC which is a leading manufacturer for digital laboratory and command center equipment. With the ambition to provide intelligent software with fantastic hardware, and focuses on providing reliable and customizable forensic lab, command center, and control room solutions in workstation and console design, proprietary workspace, acoustics and electricity control, as well as security.


WHY SalvationDATA?


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Manufacturing Facility

We have 17,000 square meter facility and warehouse to produce all the products including test prototypes and organize the logistics properly. High-tech specific tools are used to guarantee top quality products and the best solutions. The top-level of our industrial facility ensures high-quality for all the solutions we produce, can guarantee fully customized solutions matching our customer needs.

07-1Digital Forensics Laboratory


This case study is a Digital Forensics Laboratory of the Public Security Bureau. The control room decoration style is modern and simple, the main color is white, and some blue peculiar to the lab are embedded on the wall, making the room stylish and atmospheric. The overall color is a light, the white wall is embedded with some wood color decorative boards, and the ground is light yellow tiles.

432-4 (1)

With the rapid development of global informatization, in the context of the era of big data, cybercrime does not have a traditional crime scene, but it is generally characterized by a large space-time span, a large number of people involved, and new technical means. The evidence is mostly visible. The existence of intangible digital data forms poses great difficulties for the case-handling organ to collect and extract evidence and determine the facts of the crime. How to effectively identify and analyze these data has become a difficult task in digital forensics.

2-4 (4)2-4 (1)2-4 (2)2

The equipment used in this laboratory is provided by us, our full range of products are ergonomically designed, with multi-angle and multi-level considerations from the height of the workstation table, display distance and inclination angle, equipment operation and debugging, protection of personnel, etc., so that the operators get 7 ×24 hours of health protection.

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